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How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

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The Great Room, RSA House

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In an age of distraction, the leading expert on addictive technologies shows us to reclaim our most precious resource – our attention. 

We’re all distracted – on our commute, in our free time, at home and at work. We know we should be focussing on one thing, but we find ourselves diverted by a trending tweet, then scrolling our Facebook news feed or responding to a WhatsApp message. How do we do more of what we intend to do, and less of what we don’t?  

In Indistractable, behaviour designer Nir Eyal presents a four-step guide to harnessing our most precious and limited resource: our attention. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author of the international bestseller Hooked – a handbook for creating habit-forming products, Eyal designed and popularised the techniques that some of the world’s biggest companies use to get us hooked on their products. Who better, then, to teach us how to break free of our technology compulsions? 

Join Nir Eyal at the RSA for unmissable insights into how to deal with the myriad daily distractions that disrupt our focus and productivity – from pop-up notifications to chatty colleagues - and to learn the most essential skill of the digital age: how to become indistractable. 

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