A Manifesto for Happiness

RSA Event


Great Room, RSA House

  • Behaviour change
  • Mental health
  • Community engagement
  • Cognition

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What would our world feel like if the wellbeing of its citizens was the chief aim of government policy?

How can we as individuals find more happiness and contribute to the happiness of others? And how can this effort be supported by economists, policymakers, scientists and technologists?

There is increasing awareness of the need to look beyond GDP for new societal goals that encompass the full range of human experience and needs. In Can We Be Happier?, Lord Layard, one of the leading figures in the world happiness movement, presents the hard evidence and ethical reasoning that backs his view that increasing all-round happiness should be the aim of every good society, and that it is possible to achieve this within a generation.

Join Richard Layard at the RSA, where he will be ‘in conversation’ with broadcaster and author Will Hutton, to discover the practical steps that each of us can take to become more effective creators of happiness in our everyday lives, in our workplaces and communities.


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