How to Live Better and Age Well

RSA Event


The Great Room, RSA House

  • Behaviour change
  • Mental health
  • Cognition

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What really happens to our brains as we grow older? And what can we learn from those who thrive as they age?

In “The Changing Mind: A Neuroscientist's Guide to Ageing Well”, leading neuroscientist Daniel Levitin offers a radical exploration of the science of ageing. Drawing on the latest research from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, he highlights the many cognitive benefits of advancing years, and challenges common assumptions around memory loss and our focus on lifespan instead of ‘healthspan’.

Join Daniel Levitin at the RSA as he shares his vision of a future in which a combination of medical developments and healthy lifestyle choices could reduce or even reverse some of the negative side-effects of the ageing process. And of a society that views older people as a valuable resource, rather than a burden.


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