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How can creativity help us realise our power and purpose and adapt to a new world of work?  

The old models of work are no longer serving us, and new ways of working are springing up in their place. The expanding role of AI in the workplace has ushered in a move towards ‘invisible work’, which depends on personal, subjective ideas, dynamic people, and meaningful connections. If we are to work effectively alongside AI, rather than be replaced by it, we must embed this creative, emotionally intelligent, and collaborative approach into everything we do. 

What is ‘invisible work’, who is doing it, and how can it prepare us for the future? Join us as creativity expert John Howkins maps the evolution of this new way of thinking and working, and examines how it can unlock productive, fulfilling paths to success. 

Based on the RSA approach to evolving circumstances surrounding the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, all in-person events up until the end of May 2020 (RSA Public, Fellowship and Rawthmells events) are being cancelled, postponed or, where possible, being held online. We will be in touch with anyone who is registered to attend an affected event. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 
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