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Investing today to save tomorrow

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  • Economics and Finance
  • Pensions
  • Sustainability
  • Climate change

Changing what we do with our money could be one of the most powerful tools at our disposal for tackling the climate crisis.

But putting our money where our values are can be complicated. How do we match our priorities with the opportunities available for investing ethically? Is divestment the only way? And how can we tell what is genuinely transformative, and what is just ‘greenwashing’?

What matters, says finance expert Alice Ross, is not just avoiding harmful companies and practices, but directing what we have towards initiatives that actively make a difference. She explores the key questions at the heart of green investing, and shows how we can harness our own economic power, however large or small, to protect the environment, decarbonise the economy, and accelerate the move towards a greener future.