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Creativity matters now more than ever. But for too long we’ve been told that it’s a mysterious gift granted to a select few. Nonsense, says Seth Godin. Creativity is a choice.

The turbulent events of 2020 have presented an opportunity for pause and self-reflection. A moment to look at our lives, and to ask what truly gives them meaning and purpose.

In the face of crisis and constraint, many people have been moved to rediscover their innate creativity. To renew their commitment to doing good work that matters. To seek new sources of connection with others. And new ways to apply creative thinking to the challenges of our times.

Seth Godin and Adam Grant are two of the world’s leading thinkers on good work and creativity. Their writings and teaching have helped millions put the desire to lead a more creative and generous life into daily practice.

To celebrate the publication of Seth Godin’s new book The Practice, they come together for an exclusive, unmissable RSA conversation.

Join these two masters of their craft to learn how to find your voice, figure out the change you seek to make, and commit to impact.