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Professional reinvention in precarious times

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  • Skills
  • Future of Work
  • Employment
  • Leadership

A year of crisis and confusion has led many of us to think hard about what we really want and need from our working lives.

Pandemic shock has up-ended conventional ways of working and prompted profound re-examination of our work-life priorities, practices and pathways.

Professor Herminia Ibarra is a leading expert on career development and transition.

In an unmissable talk for anyone contemplating a career change or thinking about how to re-define their existing role, Professor Ibarra offers a set of practical strategies to increase our chances of successful reinvention and find greater fulfilment in our working lives.

Making significant career moves and life changes most often means living through long and messy periods of uncertainty and doubt. But this is an important and necessary stage in the journey of change – to be embraced, rather than endured, Professor Ibarra argues. Through trial-and-error testing and exploration of our many possible working selves, we can clarify our career goals and aspirations, and discover new means to achieving them.

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