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Michel Barnier on the EU and the UK – a new relationship

RSA Event / Video


RSA House and Online via YouTube

  • Economics and Finance
  • Environment
  • Leadership

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As Chief Negotiator for the EU, Michel Barnier was at the very heart of the Brexit process over four turbulent years.

He visits the RSA to reveal insights from one of the most complex sets of talks in modern political history, to share his perspective on the lessons learned on both sides of the negotiating table, and to look forward to a new chapter in EU-UK relations.

At a time of interconnected crises, there is an urgent need to re-build trust between political leaders and institutions, and to re-commit to active partnership and collaboration on our shared challenges, from climate change to good work and economic security for all. Join us at RSA house as we explore how we can respond to these challenges. 

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