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Do we have to work?

RSA Event / Online


Online via YouTube

  • Employment

*Please note this is an online-only event* 

What does work mean in the 21st century?

Work allows us to pay the bills – but for lots of people, it’s become about more than that. Many of us derive a sense of purpose or identity from our work: is this a consequence of more people being able to choose work that’s meaningful to them, or simply of work consuming more of our lives than ever? And what if we don’t get meaning or purpose from what we do for a living?

Transforming work for the 21st century will mean rethinking lots of things beyond work itself: its relationship with our social and personal lives, how we structure our economies, and how we live more sustainably now and in the future. Matthew Taylor, former RSA Chief Executive, returns to the RSA to discuss how the meaning, structure and status of work have changed over time, and how it might be reshaped to become a means by which we live good lives together.

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