Levelling up regional disparities, inequality & social inclusion


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We’re pleased to share this series of talks organised by the Oxford Martin School, in association with the RSA and the University of Sheffield.

One of the major policy challenges that nations around the world face is the disparities that exist in economic and social conditions within as well as between countries. No developed country illustrates this more starkly than the UK, which has one of the highest level of regional inequality of any developed country in the world. It is a problem that decades of regional economic policies have failed to solve and the UK government has made “levelling up” a centrepiece of its current policy agenda.

Addressing regional disparities, inequality and social inclusion requires new imaginative ways of restoring left behind places. In this series of talks, the Oxford Martin School brings together an outstanding group of academics, policymakers and practitioners to discuss the role of the private sector, the public sector, and educational and social institutions in making levelling up a reality.

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09 November 2021, 5pm – 6.30pm

Laxman Narasimhan & Colin Mayer in Conversation: 'The role of business in reviving left behind places'

11 November 2021, 5pm – 6.30pm

Prof Alison Wolf, Ian Stuart and Sir Chris Husbands in conversation: 'Britain's long-running 'skills crisis': why can't we fix it? and what would it take to do so?'

16 November 2021, 5pm – 6.30pm

Dave Smith & Prof Colin Mayer in Conversation: 'Renewing South Yorkshire: seizing new opportunities, overcoming old constraints'

18 November 2021, 5pm – 6pm

Ron Emerson & Colin Mayer in conversation: 'Private financing levelling-up: an idea of its time'

3 December 2021, 5pm – 7pm

Panel discussion: 'Capitalism: what has gone wrong, what needs to change and how can it be fixed?' – Paul Collier, Diane Coyle, Colin Mayer, Martin Wolf, chaired by Charles Godfray

09 December 2021, 5pm – 6pm

Hilary Cottam, Jason Stockwood & Paul Collier in conversation: 'The Grimsby Alliance - community power and levelling up'

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