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Will Gen Z reject or remake capitalism?

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A historic intergenerational shift in money, power and influence is coming our way – is this a reset moment for our economies, societies and future?

Ken Costa is a leading figure in global investment banking, and the author of The 100 Trillion Dollar Wealth Transfer - an urgent exploration into how Gen Z and Millennials’ focus on ethics, purpose, social justice and environmental causes will transform capitalism as we know it, as wealth flows from one generation to the next.

Can we seize this opportunity to build a more inclusive, purposeful, ‘socially energised’ capitalism, which shifts focus away from the individual and more towards collaboration, compassion and community? Or is it time for a more radical break from an economic paradigm that many blame for widening inequality and widespread ecological destruction?

Watch ‘Boomer’ Ken Costa and ‘Zennials’ Timi Merriman-Johnson and Rachel Drapper discuss the implications of the coming shift for markets and wider society, as the next generation look to invest, create value and steward financial assets with a very different set of principles and priorities to those that created the economy we live in today. Is intergenerational engagement the key to avoiding the mistakes of the past and creating a path to a fairer, more flourishing future for people and planet?

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