The Midlands Enlightenment: RSA Birmingham Meet-up

Fellowship Event


1000 Trades, Birmingham

  • Circular economy
  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Fellowship

The Midlands Enlightenment is a new monthly meetup for RSA Fellows at 1000 Trades in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

In a welcoming, informal setting, each meetup will hear from someone who, one way or another, is undertaking pioneering work—helping to secure a new Enlightenment here in the Midlands.

At this meet-up, you'll get a sneak preview of a new ground-breaking business based here in Birmingham: The Clean Kilo, an affordable, unpackaged supermarket.

Come along to meet local Fellows, spark inspiring discussions, and help shape the future of RSA activity in the Midlands.

If you have any access requirements or require any reasonable adjustments, please let the team know: [email protected]. Please also let us know if you have any dietary requirements or severe allergies.

More about The Clean Kilo:

The Clean Kilo is a project which will limit the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean - waste that threatens marine life and ultimately human health. Plastic production has increased unsustainably since the 1960s and we would like to give the choice back to the consumer to help significantly reduce plastic pollution by opening an affordable supermarket in Birmingham where food, drink, cleaning products, and toiletries come without packaging. Customers will be able to dispense as little or as much as they want into reusable containers, which they can bring from home or buy from us. Alternatively, they can use the free paper bags provided—the single-use plastic era is coming to an end.

Location: 1000 Trades (main bar), 16 Frederick Street, The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3HE

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