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The Diamond, University of Sheffield

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Do you enable social inclusion within and between families, communities, and the workplace? Join us at inclusive events on 4 April and 6 June that will enable us all to do more.

Social inequality and exclusion have long-term social and economic costs. This is why individuals and organisations in diverse sectors such as education, housing, social care, technology, urban planning, and finance, aim to promote equality of opportunity, eliminate discrimination, enable inclusive growth, give voice, and change societal norms and infrastructure to catalyse inclusive societies.

Social Inclusion Works is a two-part collaborative event, designed with support from the University of Sheffield, that brings together social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support organisations, and researchers working to enable individuals and communities to fully participate in society. Social Inclusion Works aims for all participants to build capacity, generate new ideas, explore opportunities for collaboration, and address relevant challenges with actionable insights from peer learning and research.

By running a creative space for individuals and organisations to learn with and from each other, the first event of the series on 4 April will result in mapping the common challenges organisations working toward social inclusion face in Sheffield. In the time that passes between the two events, participants will work together to collate and co-create evidence and insights to address these challenges. On 6 June, in the second part of the event series, participants will share actionable insights that social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support organisations, and researchers can take forward.

Due to the collaborative nature of the event, we ask that you sign up only if you can attend both parts. Registration for this event is automatically considered as registration for both dates. 

If you have any questions, or to let us know of any access requirements or reasonable adjustments you have, please contact Andreana Drencheva FRSA: [email protected].

Location: The Diamond, University of Sheffield, 32 Leavygreave Road, Sheffield, S3 7RD

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