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RSA Singapore: 'REMITTANCE' film screening

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Macquarie Group, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore

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Join RSA Fellows in Singapore for a film screening followed by an exploratory conversation about the needs of and possibilities for migrant workers, re-imagine the remittances economy, and consider our collective responsibility to promote financial health of migrant workers.

Did you know Singapore has over 240,000 Migrant Domestic Workers and the number is growing? They are the main breadwinners who support extended families in their home countries. Their work, although mostly invisible to the public eye, is relied upon by families in Singapore, enabling high levels of workplace engagement and productivity. Their work is key to the country’s success.

We would like to invite you to join us in an exploratory conversation about the needs of and possibilities for migrant workers, re-imagine the remittances economy and our collective responsibility to find ways that promote both long and short-term financial health of migrant workers.

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We will screen a docudrama, Remittance, co-directed by anthropologist and film-maker, Patrick Daly, to help us all better understand the reality of Domestic Workers within the context of their financial commitments, promises and expectations. We will use the insights from the film to generate ideas that could serve as a starting point for innovative action to supplement currently available solutions, such as Financial Literacy training.

Our invited speakers and the participants of this event represent wide-ranging experiences, influence and roles in shaping this future. We will also share firsthand the experiences of helpers and other stakeholders – and we need your inputs, too!

The event is hosted by the Macquarie Group and supported by the RSA. Keynote speakers include Dr. Reka Czegledi-Brown FRSA, Standard Chartered Bank, Dr. Patrick Daly, co-director and co-writer, Yolanda Bernas, domestic worker and supporting actress, Liza Padua, domestic worker and film extra, and Jacqueline Loh, Aidha.

Registration to attend this event is free, however, we encourage guests to make a donation to Aidha, an award-winning charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) that provides impactful financial education to migrant domestic workers and other low-income women. The donations raised for this event will be fully matched by the Macquarie Group Foundation.

Light refreshments will be served during the event.

We hope to see you joining like-minded people in the world of social impact.

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