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RSA Swindon: Public Services, People and Places

Fellowship events


STEAM, Swindon

  • Public Services & Communities
  • Institutional reform
  • Public services

Join us in Swindon to discuss the changing role of public services, what reform might look like, and what threats public services face today.

The RSA is undertaking a review of its work on public services and communities and exploring concepts of welfare, public service and inclusive growth. You can read more about our emerging thinking and the background for this event in this blog, written by our new Director of Public Services and Communities, Ed Cox.

To begin this process we are holding a series of events around the country in order to gather the experiences and input of RSA Fellows and others interested in tackling this pressing issue. We want to explore the following questions:

  • How would we define the biggest challenges that need addressing today?
  • What are the opportunities that lie before us? How has our understanding of public service changed?
  • What does reform look like? Are our challenges so different and great that we require the radical and revolutionary approach, or is our primary task to experiment, network and spread?

The majority of our session will be devoted to debate and discussion, with opportunities to learn about local good practice and for participants to share their own ideas. Each event will include a short presentation of some of the latest thinking from the RSA about public service reform and inclusive growth.

If you are interested in this project but are unable to attend this event, sign up to hear more below.