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RSA US: Virtual Salon - Creative Approaches to Higher Education

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The topic for this month's salon is: Creative Approaches to Higher Education. It will be moderated by Rosie Clayton, RSA Associate Director for the RSA Cities of Learning program.

Speakers invited to the conversation include:

  • Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and senior director of Harvard Project Zero
  • Connie Yowell, CEO of LRNG at Collective Shift and previous Director of Education at MacArthur Foundation
  • Ric Grefé, RSA US Board Trustee and Design Thinker in Residence at Williams College
  • John Martinez, FRSA and pursuing Executive MBA in the Creative Industries at Ashridge–Hult International Business School

Some of the questions we will coming together to discuss include:

  • If the point of education is relevance, understanding, fulfillment, and opportunity, then how should you be educated for the current era when culture, society, and the economy are characterized as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous?

  • How important is the liberal arts paradigm to an educational future marked by the need for lifelong learning and vocational skill? 

  • In what ways do we anticipate educational models needing to evolve? What experiments do we already see underway that are pioneering new models of education? 

  • What myths or assumptions plague the education debates we are seeing unfold today?


RSA US Virtual Salons occur on the third Thursday of each month; they aim to create open dialogue and a space for RSA US Fellows to connect across geography over the issues of our times. Join a Salon to get to know other RSA US Fellows, and our interests, passions, and perspectives. Salons are supported through the moderation of an RSA Connector to ensure that a diversity of voices are heard. We invite all Fellows to join this discussion to deepen the ways we can connect with each other across the country!

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