RSA Brisbane Speakers' Corner: The #MeToo Movement

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The Alliance Hotel, Spring Hill

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Join the RSA in Brisbane this September when we launch an experiment in public participation – a topic, a forum, an audience and a chance to share your viewpoint. Do you have a strong opinion based on sound reasoning? Why not book your spot on the soap box. Prefer to listen and consider the evidence? Come along for a glass of wine and some stirring discussion.

The concept:

We hear things in the news, at the water cooler, and on social media that we each have an opinion about -- or at least a lot of questions. How well formed are our opinions and how often do we expose our thought processes to concepts outside the echo chamber of our self-selected sources? And how often do we get a chance to write the editorial? RSA Brisbane is proposing a regular Speakers' Corner series, where Fellows and guests can register a spot on the soap box to share their opinions with a diverse and engaged audience.

The topic: #MeToo

How did the Hollywood accusations of workplace harassment and sexual abuse have such great reach and impact? There have been similar denouncements from other sectors over recent years but none has had the some effect on the global community. What was it about #MeToo that was different – was it just the crest of a wave? And now that the wave has crashed, #SoWhat?

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