RSA ANZ Online Event: Basic Income - from Safety Net to Universalism - RSA

RSA ANZ Online Event: Basic Income - from Safety Net to Universalism

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  • Economics and Finance
  • Social mobility

Join RSA ANZ and RSA Scotland as we explore the progressive potential of Basic Income as a pathway to economic and welfare reform.

Across the world, developed economies are facing a convergence of challenges. Automation, stagnating wages, and rising inequality has led to a dramatic increase in economic insecurity, leaving many without the income necessary to cover basic expenses.

As wealth concentration reaches new heights, the concept of Basic I​ncome has gained popularity on both sides of the political spectrum as a viable alternative to income support or welfare schemes.

Proponents argue that Basic Income has the potential to improve equity by ensuring that everyone has access to a livable income, whilst also providing a foundational platform for people to pursue non-income earning activities, such as caring or learning.

Recent experiments in the US, Finland, Kenya, and Canada have shifted the Basic Income discussion from the radical fringe to mainstream policy debate, as governments around the world consider what exactly Basic Income could mean for our societies.

In this online event, we look at the changing dynamic around Basic Income and why concern about the future of work has created an opportunity to get the idea back on the agenda.

This event is open to all Fellows. Please see below for timing in your region:

  • 19:30 pm – 21:00 pm AEDT (NSW, VIC, ACT) 
  • 21:30 pm - 23:00 pm NZDT
  • 8:30 am - 10:00 am GMT

Joining instructions will be sent to attendees upon registration. Please direct any enquiries about this event to