A new vision for public services, people, place and power

Fellowship Event / Seminars


Rawthmells Coffehouse, the RSA

  • Public Services & Communities

Join us to learn more about the new RSA vision for public services, people, power and place, and to start a new conversation around what that vision means for you and how you could play a role in achieving it.

The event will start with a presentation from Ed Cox, RSA Director for Public Services and Communities, followed by workshops to dig deeper into the core elements of the strategy and to help design how engagement with Fellows and other groups can form a core part of our new approach. 

This event forms part of a three week programme to mark the launch of Rawthmells Coffeehouse. We are very excited to have this new space to collaborate, share ideas and spark conversations, and hope participants will be able to stay after the event and continue the conversation together.