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RSA Scotland: Heritage and Inclusive Growth

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Join us for an online workshop exploring the role of Heritage for Inclusive Growth in Scotland, and to hear more about the RSA’s Heritage Network.

Using the learning and data from the RSA Heritage Index and drawing on our network of Scottish Fellows, this event will explore the impact of effective heritage asset usage, management and documentation by Scottish communities in building sustainable local economies. There will be a chance for group discussion on what role Heritage can play in social change, and we welcome all Fellows to join and share their experience of their local communities. 

This workshop will also be a chance to hear more about the RSA’s Heritage Network comprised of over 400 Fellows from across the globe. The network aims to foster action through new collaborations, promoting the exchange of ideas, practices, and insights in the UK and other countries. By showcasing and supporting the use of the Heritage Index as an advocacy and strategy tool, the network aims strengthen the understanding of its relevance to decision-making in shared societal agendas. The Heritage Network is currently looking to develop a programme of activity for 2019 shaped by Fellows and would welcome more Scottish voices to the network.

This workshop is taking place online using zoom, a user friendly online event and seminar platform. You will be sent detailed, step-by-step dial-in instruction via email closer to the event.