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RSA Innovative Education Network: Life-Readiness in Education, Meeting 1

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Following an energetic relaunch event of the RSA Innovative Education Network, we’re starting 2019 with the first online meetings of each task group. Join us to shape the actions each group will work on and to continue connecting with others.

The Life-Readiness in Education Task Group wants to explore how all formal and informal learning can provide a more consciously holistic preparation for the complexities of modern life. How can we shift the increasing focus on exam or work-readiness to one that looks at life-readiness?

The online meetings of the network task groups will be an informal session and based on interacting with others in the meeting. We will focus on building on the discussions from the relaunch event to hear what possibilities there might be for each task group both in ideas and what people can contribute, before deciding on next steps and actions for each task group.

We will ask everyone attending to think about your potential contribution to the task group and to be ready to listen to and develop others’ ideas. This is a great time to get involved with the network and shape its actions. If you’re unable to attend there will be lots of other opportunities to take part.

This workshop is taking place online using zoom, a user-friendly online event and seminar platform. You will be sent detailed, step-by-step dial-in instruction via email closer to the event.

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