RSA ANZ Virtual Salon: The Culture of Ethics

Fellowship Event



  • Behaviour change
  • Social brain

Introducing the RSA ANZ Virtual Salon series. Each month, one Fellow will moderate a discussion around a topic of interest, and engage other Fellows in an informal and open dialogue.

Our first virtual salon for 2019 will look at business ethics and work culture. The recent banking royal commission hearings left the community underwhelmed by the ethical leadership capacities of those at the helm of our major financial institutions, and revealed a disturbing management culture governed by greed and profiteering. 

At this event, we ask what drives corporate decision-making and what role does ethics play in this? We will also explore the nature of corporate responsibility, both to shareholders and the wider community, and how this translates for organisations that control vast resources and cross national borders.

This event will be moderated by Sydney Fellow and transformational change expert, Trish Nicklin, and Ed CoxDirector of Public Services and Communities at the RSA.