RSA Melbourne Event 14/03/19 - RSA

In ConveRSAtion: The Impact of Social Climate Change

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The Auburn Hotel, 85 Auburn Road, Hawthorn East, VIC

  • Communities
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Social care

Join the RSA Melbourne Network as we explore the impact of social climate change.

Over the last 50 years, developed nations have experienced dramatic societal changes as the result of a range of interconnected factors – economic, demographic, social and technological – at globalised, national and local levels. 

These changes are the result of the same factors that have contributed to climate change, and have dramatically altered the conditions under which we live, work and interact. These changes have been so rapid, dramatic and unprecedented as to constitute a form of social climate change paralleling environmental climate change.

In this timely conversation, we explore the profound effect social climate change is having on society's most vulnerable members – children and young people – and the wider implications for our future.