Should you own your own data?

Fellowship Event



Join us for an online workshop to discuss the concepts of ‘data ownership’ and ‘data rights’, and help inform our research development.

Following recent ‘digital gangster’ scandals, there have been calls to better value and protect our personal data. But data ownership raises many questions. Should we be monetising data? Would this encourage us to share more personal information? What happens when your data, like your medical history, only becomes valuable when it involves many other people? Perhaps another way to think about data protection is through a framework of rights. Could this help us make better decisions about our data?

Join us for an online, interactive workshop discussing what we mean by data ownership and data rights. There will be the opportunity to dive into these questions together in small groups and learn from each other. This workshop is open to everyone: whether you’re an expert in this area or someone who is curious about how we talk about data. We welcome all views as the discussions will help inform our research as we begin to think about how we share power in a digital world. 


About the project: The RSA are partnering with the Open Data Institute to better understand how citizens respond to and engage with the concepts of ‘data ownership’ and ‘data rights’. Ultimately, we want to explore what narratives are useful in supporting policymakers to build stronger data rights for citizens. The project is funded by Luminate Group and is scheduled to run from March to November 2019.