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"After we see an object several times, we begin to recognize it. The object is in front of us and we know about it, but we do not see it—hence we cannot say anything significant about it….The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known. The technique of art is to make objects ‘unfamiliar.’” —Victor Schlovsky, Art as a Technique

Art and speculative design, opposed to the problem-solving of affirmative design, often seeks to “to raise issues, to ask questions and to challenge assumptions”; the very foundations of creativity and research. Especially in today’s increasingly complex world of technology and systems, the metaphorical thinking behind the creation of insightful art and speculative design can also help inspire novel solutions to the challenges facing us. 
Join us on Thursday 18th April to explore the role of art and speculative design to inspire solutions for change with FRSA Pip Mothersill, designer and researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Floor van de Velde, artist and Professor at the School of the Museum for Fine Arts, and Sarah Newman, artist and researcher at Harvard’s metaLAB.

Some questions we will be exploring include:
  • How can art and speculative design help people understand the complex systems and potential effects of the technologies around us, inspire new ideas and empower action and change?
  • How can art and speculative design become as crucial a tool in our research of a subject as the more traditional academic and data-driven techniques are?
  • How can the RSA use art and speculative design as a way to inspire new approaches to the key challenges we are working towards?

RSA US Virtual Salons occur on the third Thursday of each month; they aim to create open dialogue and a space for RSA US Fellows to connect across geography over the issues of our times. Join a Salon to get to know other RSA US Fellows and our interests, passions, and perspectives. Salons are supported through the moderation of a volunteer to ensure that a diversity of voices are heard. We invite all Fellows to join this discussion to deepen the ways we can connect with each other across the country!

To access the log-in details to join this free event, please register in advance.

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