Inscaping: Changing the Way We Change the World

Fellowship Event



For July's skillshare we will be hearing from Tim Hartley about the concept of "inscaping."

Many of us involved in social change work have been frustrated by the disconnect that can exist between our organizations’ overarching visions and their internal practices:

  • We see community development organizations that rarely experience community themselves
  • We see organizations tackling homelessness struggling to help people feel at home in their work


In contrast, some of the most effective social purpose organizations approach their work from a deeply experiential place.They regularly surface and draw upon the inner experiences of organizational members during the normal course of work to shape and guide the organization; we call this inscaping. Through inscaping…

  • An organization is able to continually reinvent itself and is less likely to get stuck in old patterns;
  • Hidden blockages and resistances are more easily revealed and navigated - fear decreases;
  • Differences in thinking shift from something threatening and energy draining to something generative;
  • We relate to each other as whole human beings rather than as roles - our experience of community deepens;
  • Work becomes more meaningful as we connect it to our personal values and larger moral questions;
  • An organization’s understanding of how it can meaningfully contribute to the world grows.


About Tim Hartley

With Tim’s help, organisations become living examples of the values they promote. He specialises in supporting leaders to grapple with complexity as they begin to align their organisations’ systems and culture with their ultimate vision for impact. Tim is a Senior Partner at ImpactReady, a steward at Organization Unbound and a coordinator of Scotland CAN B. In the past decade, Tim has contributed to a wide-ranging set of constituents, including: the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at University of Oxford Said Business School; the B Corporation movement; civil society in the UK, South Africa, India and the USA; the UN system; and an ever-growing network of social entrepreneurs and purposeful enterprises.


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