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RSA Online: Exploring the Four Futures of Work

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Online via Zoom (timing of event is in BST)

  • Future of Work
  • Employment
  • Technology

Join us for an online interactive discussion about the RSA Four Futures of Work. This will be your chance to explore the four scenarios together and to share your thoughts with our researchers as they develop the next phase of the project.

Rather than offer one single prediction of the future, the RSA Future Work Centre has generated four scenarios for the UK labour market in 2035. Each scenario has merits and shortcomings, pros and cons. The challenge for all of us is to ensure everyone has access to good work, come what may.

The four scenarios are:

  • The Empathy Economy: what if technology makes emotional work more important?  

  • The Precision Economy: what if sensors flood the economy and workers become subject to a new level of algorithmic oversight?

  • The Big Tech Economy: what if technology develops at a rapid pace and leads to widespread automation?

  • The Exodus Economy: what if another economic recession causes technological progress to stall?

We want to hear your thoughts about these four futures as we continue to develop our research on the changing world of work. What aspects of these scenarios resonate with you? What might be different for your context within and beyond the UK? And how should we respond? Your input will help us fine-tune our thinking with the next phase of research.

This online workshop will focus on discussion and interaction so come along prepared to share your thoughts and to listen to others share theirs. There will be an initial short input from our research team followed by small group discussions.

You can read our blog about what the world will look like in 2035 or dive into our full report.

If you cannot make the event and want to keep in touch, then we suggest you sign up for updates from the RSA Future Work Centre.


Taking part in the event 

This workshop is taking place online using Zoom, a user-friendly online event platform. You need to register for a ticket to receive the bespoke link to join. You will be sent detailed, step-by-step instructions via email closer to the event.

Please ensure you have a computer/tablet/phone with a camera and a headset with microphone and earphones.

If you have any questions, or to let us know of any access requirements or reasonable adjustments you require, please email the Engagement Team in RSA Fellowships: [email protected].