RSA Scotland: Revisiting Beveridge's 5 Giants: Mental Health

Fellowship Event


Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

  • Health & wellbeing

To launch the RSA Scotland Health Network, the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) and RSA invite you to the first in a series of five events exploring Britain’s new ‘Giants’.

The first event will be hosted by ALLIANCE programme, the Health and Social Care Academy. Our focus will be mental health and the radical changes many are calling for to the current mental health landscape. We’ll examine the gap between Scotland’s aspirational policy and people’s experiences of support. Guest speakers will share their views on what needs to happen to improve people’s experiences, the barriers to change, the drivers for transformation and how it can be achieved. Facilitated by the RSA and ALLIANCE, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the levers for change and the steps that can be taken to emphasise the humanity of those delivering and receiving care.


16:30 Arrivals and networking

17:00 Welcome and intro: Wendy Halliday, See Me

17:05 Background: Lucy Mulvagh, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

17:10 Delivering person centred care : Jane Allan, Occupational Therapist

17:20 Sharing personal experience : Colin Roy

17:30 Using the arts as a tool for recovery : Tina Kardasinska, Plantation Productions

17:40 Guest speaker panel and audience discussion facilitated by Wendy Halliday

18:00 Radical change in the mental health landscape

Small group table discussions facilitated by RSA Fellows

18:20 Group feedback facilitated by Wendy Halliday

18:30 Closing remarks : Jamie Cooke, RSA Scotland

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