GROWING THE COMMONS: An Exploration of Resource Sharing in Seattle

Fellowship Event


Impact Hub, Seattle

  • Behaviour change
  • Social brain
  • Accessibility & inclusion
  • Cities
  • Communities
  • Community engagement

The commons is a concept as old as time. It describes the resources available to a group of people who are geographically bound together. For the commons to provide to its users over time, there needs to be agreements around resource sharing between the different people using those resources. Today, the degree of complexity surrounding the flow of resources is astounding, putting the concept of the commons itself into question. This salon will dive into the heart of the question: What is the contemporary commons? What does it look like, if it still exists at all?

This event is an invitation to leaders committed to social change who are interested in the process of resource sharing; whether it be financial, social, material, or informational. Invited participants will be sharing their take on how resources (financial, social, material, and informational) flow (and do not flow) through Seattle. We'll dive into the mechanisms that are involved, and together work to breathe new life into a contemporary understanding of the commons.


This will be a chance to engage with people from very different sectors and backgrounds. We'll use the time to:

  • Reflect on and envision the commons underneath Seattle's infrastructure
  • Share stories and observations of successful resource sharing, and a lack thereof
  • Workshop the mechanics of resource sharing through the lens of different categories of resources
  • Develop an initial map of the architecture of Seattle's commons


  1. Report on place-making and civic power


Thanks to Impact Hub Seattle for hosting this conversation.