Announcing the programme for #ThisIsTheNorth Convention - RSA

Announcing the programme for #ThisIsTheNorth Convention

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Beacon of Light, Stadium Park, Sunderland

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This year’s #ThisIsTheNorth Convention is in Sunderland. Together, we will continue to inspire and lead change, and we would love for you to get involved. Come along and co-design a People’s Plan for the North.

The People's Powerhouse have a jam-packed programme all designed to bring more and different voices into the big conversations about the future of the North.

We will be joined by our host Dr Kate Fox, stand-up poet and writer.

With 10 workshops announced on a variety of topical issues such as basic income and people’s banks, there is lots of choice for how you spend your morning with us.

You will then have the option of five expert classes where we will hear from Ed Cox (RSA), Arianna Giovannini (IPPR North), Neil McInroy (CLES), Nazir Afzal, and Extinction Rebellion about topics such as community wealth building and citizens' assemblies.

Find out more about the programme and book your place here.

Location: Beacon of Light, Stadium Park, Sunderland SR5 1SN. 

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