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Becoming Visible: Change happens when we are seen and heard

Is it time for young women from the north to step into their power and become visible?


At a time when young women like Greta Thunberg has been described as " mentally ill" and "manipulated",  and reports of more and more young people feeling pessimistic and dis-enfranchised about their futures, is it time for more young women and girls to become visible?


Young Women Changemaker's "StrongHer Together Campaign" discusses how standing in the shadow of Annie Kenney's legacy has given them the courage and motivation to be fearless in their vision and ambition for radical change.


"Time and again we see pictures of white middle aged men making decisions that impact our futures greatly.  Devolution for many young women, women and girls in our town hasn't led to the radical systems changes needed. There is little or no focus on gendered services , bureaucratic machines and meeting spaces run on old power structures that have operated in the same way for centuries. Policy making still lacks equality impact assessments.  We believe this change begins with enabling and empowering all young women and girls to have a voice "


Join Young Women Changemakers , along with their very own 21st Century "Annie Kenney", for a highly interactive and immersive journey through the eyes and voices of Oldham young women.  Young women who are fearless in their thinking of change. Young women who are seeking to inhabit spaces where their voices are not common place.



Location: Rawthmells, RSA House, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ

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Please follow the link here for Rawthmells' accessibility statement. Please note that wheelchair access to The Steps is currently restricted whilst we await the delivery of a custom-made platform. Please get in touch to discuss access via [email protected] or call Rawthmells Events and Programme manager on +44 (0)20 7451 6937 for more information.

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