Northern Policy Forum: Good Jobs and Trade Unions

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Venue TBC, Bradford

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The Northern Policy Forum (NPF) is a space for young people aged between 16 and 35 interested in policy, supported by the RSA in the North of England. This January, take part in their series exploring the Future of Work at the first workshop in Bradford.

This series will explore what work, jobs, careers and prospects will look like for young northerners in the coming years. Will there be more green jobs? How can we ensure workers' rights in the informal economy? Will automation have an impact on job prospects? Will there be more opportunities for women and people of colour?

This month the NPF are in Bradford to put on a workshop about the future of trade unions and their role in shaping an inclusive economy, on Wednesday 15th January 6-8pm. The first half of each workshop will be wholly interactive, as facilitators lead workshops to develop a response to the question “What Makes a Good Job?”.

Then we'll hear from leading speakers explore the future of trade unions. Expect to discuss: the importance of young people’s voices in both policy and in workplaces; the impacts of unprecedented environmental challenges on the workforce; the challenges of an ageing population on the economy; the challenges of automation on working practices and jobs; the purpose of trade unions and the role young people can play.

The Northern Policy Forum is an inclusive and safe space, open to anyone interested in policy in the north aged between 16 and 35. With support from RSA North, they want to create a space outside of London for young people to share new ideas about the key policy issues of the day and encourage a more diverse range of voices to shape the devolution debate in the north. 

Location: Venue TBC, Bradford

If you have any questions about the forum or the workshop, drop Huw Spencer FRSA and the NPF team an email at [email protected]. Please also let them know if you have any access requirements that they should be aware of in advance. 

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