The Migration Blanket - Celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 - RSA

CANCELLED: The Migration Blanket - Celebrate International Women’s Day 2020

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The Steps, RSA House

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Based on the RSA approach to evolving circumstances surrounding the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, all in-person events up until 17 April 2020 (RSA Public, Fellowship and Rawthmells events) are being cancelled, postponed or, where possible, being held online. We will be in touch with anyone who is registered to attend an affected event. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.                              

For up to date information about the RSA response, please check our Coronavirus update page.


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  • POSTPONED: RSA Rawthmells: Art with.. The Environment

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    The Environment debate involves two significant aspects within the artworld: the one argument is of material use, the other is of artistic responsibility. The material usage debate involves the massive carbon footprint the entire art community are involved in; the air miles taken by visitors to museums, the art fairs being taken up and down across the world, the big budget and big resource exhibitions. The artistic responsibility debate involves the very tricky position, should artists be the moral voice of society?

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    Arts education has become a frightening battleground for societal values. The government has focused on the values of STEM not STEAM within the arts. The arts are required to evaluate their purpose in the modern technologically driven society. Funding in the Arts and humanities department are being chopped aggressively with most art educators now in precarious job contracts.

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    To celebrate International Women's Day 2020, join us to discuss gender-specific barriers in the food and farming industry. Learn from experts and share your experience.