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RSA Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation: Building Connections in Times of Coronavirus

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RSA’s Coffeehouse is opening its virtual doors to our global community of Fellows. Inspired by the RSA's origins as an enlightenment coffeehouse 300 years ago, our Virtual Coffeehouse Conversations will offer an interactive space for Fellows to share and discuss inspiring ideas for social change. This is an opportunity to find community support and to access global Fellow feedback.

In this first Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation, you will travel to Japan for a warm brew with the RSA Japan Fellows’ Network. As societies contend with the seismic impact of Coronavirus and unprecedented measures to reduce its spread, you will be invited to connect with other Fellows from around the world, share your experiences, and reflect on what has been getting you through this challenging time.

During this 1-hour discussion facilitated by Tokyo-based artist Divya Marie Kato, you will:

  1. Hear three insights from Fellows in Japan

  2. Reflect on your own experiences of the crisis (for this exercise you will be encouraged to bring a square piece of paper, of any kind – instructions will follow!)

  3. Exchange top coping tips and resources

Launched in 2011, the Japan Fellows’ Network champions new and creative ways of thinking and acting in response to the challenges of our time. Creativity, connectedness and communication can play a fundamental role in building solidarity and reducing isolation in these testing times.

If you have any questions, please email the RSA team: [email protected].

Please use the "Book Now" link above to receive joining instructions.

Event start:

10:00 AM (BST)

18:00 PM (JST)

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