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RSA Artists' Network: Film Night ''Hymns to Women''

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An interactive screening of two short films featuring in-depth conversations on the themes that brought them to light.

The RSA Fellows Artists' Network presents ‘Hymns to Women’, an evening with filmmaker/artist Elinor Rowlands introduced by Mark Power FRSA.

Everyone is welcome to join this screening and discussion night. Elinor will show her following two films:

1. ‘The Forest’ 2018 

2. ‘At the Window' 2017

About the Director:

Elinor Rowlands FRSA uses new technologies combined with storytelling and performance to disseminate her experience as a neurodivergent woman navigating the world through intersectional identities. Feelings of ‘otherness’ stem from lack of access that many autistic and neurodivergent people encounter, and are offered through the prism of ritual. This gives her digital and performative work a phantasmagorical feel; it is overwhelming and immersive, and secretive yet particularly revealing to diverse audiences. As a feminist neurodivergent artist, she makes comment on identity politics and highlights her innate compassion for tradition and natural forces. Through dream-building and ancient sensibility, her work asks questions about where new technologies and live performance meet and breaks new ground.

Guest Speakers:

Eleanor Linsey FRSA of Sisters of Frida, ''bringing disabled women together, mobilising and sharing through lived experience''. 


Organised by Hazel Chandler FRSA of RSA Artists' Network. Learn more about this network. 


This event will be followed by a Q+A.

The event will take place via the online conferencing platform, Zoom. You will receive the link to this meeting upon registering for the event, and again as a reminder 30 minutes before.

If you have questions about this event, please email Rachel Godin (Interim RSA Coffeehouse and London Events Manager) at [email protected] 


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