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Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation: The Future of Food and Plant-Based Living

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What habits have you thought about changing? Join us for this Fellow-led discussion on different ways of improving society post-Covid.

The RSA Coffeehouse is opening its virtual doors to our global community of Fellows, friends, family and colleagues. Inspired by the origin of the RSA as an enlightenment coffeehouse 300 years ago, our Virtual Coffeehouse Conversations event series offers an interactive space for Fellows to share and discuss ideas for social change. This is an opportunity to find support and feedback from the Fellowship community, with conversation and connection at its heart.

Food systems and climate change have a highly interlinked and bi-directional relationship. By some estimates what and how we eat now accounts for up to 30% of our CO2 emissions globally. Covid-19 has helped to illustrate precisely how interlinked the two are, both in terms of its causes as well as its subsequent impact (or lack thereof) on climate change.

There are many ways to tackle climate change despite having ignored the signs for decades. We need to transition to a new way of (positive) thinking while also demanding macro change from our leaders and holding them accountable. However, as individuals, we can and must take practical but very critical actions to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Increasing our plant-based consumption (food and beyond), driving down demand for livestock, and replacing it with healthier, more climate-friendly ingredients and materials, will have a significant effect leading to a more sustainable and compassionate planet.




Prasanna Kannan FRSA will explore this relationship in detail and attempt to quantify the impact that food systems have on our climate, their history and the opportunities that lie ahead in our future. He will also consider policy solutions that could have the greatest impact in terms of reducing our food-related carbon footprint.

John Creaton FRSA is the CEO and co-founder of the Vegan Arborist platform, and has many years' experience in the financial services sector including with Goldman Sachs as a managing director responsible for a number of global technology platforms. John has gained extensive expertise supporting business in the UK, EU, US and Asia, and the last several years have included those with a focus on social purpose.  



This event will take place via Zoom online conferencing. Follow the "Book Now" link above in advance to receive joining instructions. You will receive the link to this meeting upon registering for the event, and again in a reminder 30 minutes beforehand.

If you have questions about this event, please email Rachel Godin (RSA Coffeehouse and London Events Manager) at [email protected].

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