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There is much debate around ‘gaps’ in education.

Often the focus is on attainment gaps and attempts to narrow these, especially between certain groups. What lies beneath particular ideas of gaps? How does this focus impact on teaching and learning in schools and how children experience education? Are there other, more important ‘gaps’ that deserve greater focus and attention?  

Join us for discussion, networking and the sharing of ideas around these questions. We will delve into the different gaps connected to education, ideas that seek to overcome these gaps and a discussion of the possible ways forward for learners, teachers, and their families. We will also explore how the current situation has exacerbated certain gaps and put particular issues under the spotlight by emphasising the need to take action now. 
We’ll hear two short ‘provocations’ from experts from different areas of education. In addition to highlighting specific areas of concern, they will also provide ideas of how we can enable young people to become happy and empowered citizens.
This event is free to attend and open to all.
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