Restoring Newcastle Cathedral with RSA Newcastle Network

Fellowship Event


Online via Zoom

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We will meet Kate Sussams, Director of Operations at Newcastle Cathedral, who will be discussing the ongoing work of “The Common Ground in Sacred Space” project at the Cathedral. This project has been designed to deliver an exciting and sustainable future to an incomparable and historic early 12th century Grade 1 listed building, whose full potential has been threatened by failing infrastructure.

The aim is to significantly raise the profile of the Cathedral within the City, so that it becomes much better‐known, not only in Newcastle but all over the world, drawing more and more people through its doors, and enable more visitors to enjoy the art, architectural and heritage experience.

The project will revive the medieval role of the building as a dynamic hub for worship, community and business activity. In doing so, the Cathedral is working with congregations and volunteers, retail and café suppliers, furniture makers and master crafters, city planners and tree specialists, teachers, community artists, digital creatives and many others who have a role to play in the Cathedral’s unfolding story.

This project is funded by a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant which has been bolstered by additional funding from the Cathedral’s supporters, benefactors and charitable trusts.