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Innovations in online performing arts qualifications

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How can we help to ensure that despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, people of all ages and backgrounds can access high-quality qualifications in performing arts?

As we enter a period of even greater uncertainty, we are also experiencing an era of innovation, particularly within the performing arts, increasing opportunities to celebrate individuality and creativity. We invite you to join us in exploring exciting developments in new online qualification opportunities within the performing arts. Together, in group discussion, we’ll exchange knowledge of what is currently available across the main art forms within this diverse sector, and what is in the pipeline.

We'll consider how we can all work with and within local schools and other educational settings, encouraging students of all ages, teachers and other decision-makers to recognise the value of practical qualification pathways, many of which carry academic points. At a time where the arts are increasingly being marginalised, we can lead the way in opening up the performing arts beyond borders, offering the chance to thrive and achieve to young people who face barriers to traditional assessments and qualifications.

This is a Fellow-led meeting of the RSA Performing Arts Network, open to all (within and beyond the Network) who have an interest in performing arts and education.

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