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CANDO (Controlling Abnormal Network Dynamics using Optogenetics) is working to develop a cortical implant for optogenetic neural control. Their goal is to create a first-in-human trial in patients with focal epilepsy, funded by the £10m Innovative Engineering for Health Award, with a team of over 30 neuroscientists, engineers and clinicians across London and Newcastle.

In response to this, the Operating Theatre have produced a short film, ‘Deep Mind’, highlighting the ethical, social and legal issues of this work. For this February’s Encounter, the Newcastle Network will be joined by Operating Theatre’s Artistic Director - Alex Elliott, and Michael White - Engagement Manager for the CANDO project, to answer questions about the film and the issues it raises.

Register for this event to receive a link to the Operating Theatre’s ‘Deep Mind’ short film, watch it prior to the Encounter, and then join us on Wednesday 17 February to ask questions and share your views.

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