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RSA Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation: Global Public Investment

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The RSA coffeehouse is opening its virtual doors. Inspired by the RSA’s origin as an enlightenment coffeehouse over 250 years ago, our Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation events series offers an interactive space to share and develop ideas for social change.

At each Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation, you will hear from an RSA Fellow with an idea or project for creating lasting social impact, who has questions for you to help them move forwards. Be part of a supportive group discussion focused on sharing insights, sparking ideas and finding solutions and opportunities.

RSA Fellow Professor Simon Reid-Henry is part of an international group developing a proposal for ‘Global Public Investment’.

Covid-19 has underscored that one of the things we most lack in this world is a functioning system for delivering global public goods (such as vaccines, pandemic preparedness, and climate mitigation). Imagine an ongoing system of universal contributions in which all countries pay in and all countries receive for internationally agreed upon global priorities. If all countries gave just 0.3% of GNI, that could raise $256 billion.

In reality, contributions would be tiered, but decision-making would be shared equally, giving all nations a say in how international public finance is spent. This Global Public Investment proposal is being “co-created” with civil sectors globally – making it, in effect, a huge global listening exercise. Keeping these democratic elements central is a key aim as Global Public Investment is worked out in more detail.

There will be a short presentation from Simon, followed by a facilitated discussion in which we welcome your input. As part of this conversation, we want to hear your ideas and experience of policy entrepreneurship across different fields, including environment, health, finance and economics (among many others). Join Simon to explore how civil society and others can get involved in finding pathways for Global Public Investment's realisation and impact. Simon will also introduce an upcoming global consultation and show how you, as an individual or group, can engage.

We welcome all who are interested in helping to devise a 21st-century global public finance system, from anywhere in the world, within and beyond our RSA Fellowship community.

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