RSA Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation: Young people’s perceptions matter

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The RSA Coffeehouse is opening its virtual doors. Inspired by the RSA’s origin as an enlightenment coffeehouse over 250 years ago, our Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation event series offers an interactive space to share and develop ideas for social change.

At each Virtual Coffeehouse Conversation, you will hear from an RSA Fellow with an idea or project for creating lasting social impact, who has questions for you to help them move forwards.

RSA Fellow Morgan Phillips is Head of Insight at the charity Global Action Plan, which works for a green and thriving planet where people enjoy their lives within the earth’s resources. Global Action Plan has partnered with Persil’s Dirt Is Good Project to explore young people’s values, and how their perceptions of other people’s values impacts their engagement in social and environmental causes.

In a research study from this project, almost all the young people surveyed said that caring for the environment and other people is important to them, but they don’t all think that others share their compassionate values – with this misperception increasing as they grow older. Fears about not fitting in and being labelled with unhelpful stereotypes prevent them from expressing their true values to their peers. This misperception that most others don’t care (when in reality they do) is known as the ‘values-perception gap’.

Global Action Plan is working with partners all over the world to try to close the gap, or prevent it from opening up. Launching in 2021, the Dirt Is Good Project schools programme will enable 10 million young people to take action on the social and environmental causes that they care about. Through taking an active role alongside others and observing each other’s motivations, the aim is that young people will grow to feel ‘united in compassion’ with their peers and gain confidence to join the movement for positive social and environmental change.

Join this event to learn more about Global Action Plan’s work on the values-perception gap, and to explore with Morgan how the Dirt Is Good project can nurture and normalise compassionate values amongst a key demographic. A short presentation from Morgan will be followed by a discussion facilitated by RSA Associate Director of Education, Mark Londesborough, in which we welcome your input.

We welcome all who are interested from different fields and disciplines, from anywhere in the world, within and beyond our RSA Fellowship community. 

Be part of a supportive and collaborative group discussion focused on sharing insights, sparking ideas, and finding solutions and opportunities.

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