Designing for a regenerative future

Fellowship Event


Oceania Timezones: 12:30pm -1:30pm AEST, 2:30pm - 3:30pm NZST

  • Design
  • Sustainability

Join the RSA Oceania network and our panel of experts as we discuss the role design and designers can play in driving regenerative thinking and practice.

It is clear that our current systems are broken: concentrating power and benefit, while distributing damage and exploitation. This has led to intractable problems such as global warming, social inequality, ill health, and biodiversity and habitat loss. 

As we develop solutions to tackle these issues and address the climate emergency, which voices and perspectives are we prioritising, and who is being involved in this activity?

At the RSA, we believe that design and designers can influence change by helping us to imagine and enact different futures. This event provides a space to critically examine the role designers have in dismantling systems that are no longer fit for purpose and creating a regenerative future. 

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Regenerative Futures

A future where humans thrive as part of the Earth's ecology.