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Join us at this month's Newcastle Network Encounter where we will hear from Dr John David Simnett.

The great majority of scientists worldwide agree that there is overwhelming evidence that climate change is with us here and now. It is not something that will affect someone else at some time in the future. Many solutions are being proposed to mitigate the change, including eating less meat, running electric cars, stopping cows from ejecting methane, as well as getting rid of capitalism and even ending racism. But by far the most important action must be to replace fossil fuels with zero-carbon sources of energy, and using intermittent energy such as wind, solar and hydropower is widely proposed as the answer.

However, unless we cover massive areas of land with wind farms, solar parks and dammed rivers, we are not likely to produce more than 20% of our energy from such sources … and these scenarios are set within the existing economic model, providing prosperity for industrialised nations and economic backwardness elsewhere.

At this event, Dr John David Simnett will present alternatives and lead discussion on how the world could move towards an era of affordable energy - “enough for everyone forever” - leading to a flourish of creativity and human progress globally.

The event is free to attend and open to all, Fellows and non-Fellows. We hope you can join us!

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