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While Cryptocurrencies and the dark web were the early poster children of blockchain, there is far more potential to be developed and put into action. Many progressive uses are being devised and implemented under the radar that will supply huge positive impacts on all of society. If only we can bear with the disruption…

Even Blockchain’s general infrastructure is evolving at exponential speeds. Computing advances provide opportunity for practical transitions like the move from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) [to be explained briefly during the session] that will not only provide more security for the chain, but also require less energy usage. We’ve been talking about the use of Blockchain for rights management, auditing and anonymized data control for a number of years and are finally starting to see these and more come to fruition – either public, stealth or in-between.

The exciting aspect is that each development leads imaginations to even larger pools of possibility. And often, the basic barrier to adoption comes down to what we’re comfortable with both individually and collectively as a society. With so much of the positioning and discussion surrounding blockchain being limited to Crypto, the time is ripe to excite the minds with discussion, debate and exploration into what blockchain could be!

Join the Augmented Society Network to discuss: 

  • The basics of Blockchain servicing the needs of Cryptocurrency and beyond.
  • Companies and developments within the space that excite us or tickle the imagination of what may come.
  • Different potential outcomes than would have occurred to us if not hashed out within a group sharing without the fear of diving into metaphor.

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The Augmented Society Network is an RSA US Thematic Network founded in 2019 by two RSA Fellows with a passion for humankind. The network meets to discuss the impact technology is having on society and will continue to have in the coming weeks, decades and centuries. To learn more about the Augmented Society Network, go to

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