Brain Hacking: An Introduction to Mindshifting - RSA

Brain hacking: an introduction to mindshifting

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9 - 10AM PDT / 12 - 1pm EDT

  • Behaviour change
  • Social brain
  • Health & wellbeing

Join RSA US for an interactive discussion on sensemaking. We all do sensemaking all the time but how can we make sense differently? What tools and techniques can we use to help us be more innovative, resourceful and successful?

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools. Evolution has optimized the brain to avoid or overcome danger, conserve energy, and learn from others. When its full powers are unleashed the brain is an amazing tool of innovation, connection, and exploration. However, our survival instincts often get in the way and prevent us from accessing the creative and resourceful powers of our own brains. In other words, sometimes our brains prevent the very success we desire.

For this event, Mitch Weisburgh, FRSA, will be in conversation with Tammie Schrader, exploring how we can shift our brains to their most resourceful state. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and participate in the discussion.

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Photo attribution: The original image can be accessed via Unsplash and is the work of David Matos.