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Flourishing communities with a neurodiverse foundation

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We live in a world where we are generally unaware of other people’s real needs. Especially the needs of those with a hidden disability. But understanding that neurodiversity is the norm, and not a form of ‘other’, is essential to building successful and accessible communities. 

We have the potential to build communities that are both successful and accessible, if only we work to understand the needs of diverse communities and make sure that the voices of community members are heard, and at the forefront of decision-making.

We are all different. We all have different stories. Our stories, when written collaboratively, will help create inclusive environments and spaces where we feel like we belong. 

Join the Augmented Society Network to discuss:

  • How we can create inclusive spaces that are accessible to people with hidden disabilities
  • How we can build inclusive places that are accessible to people with hidden disabilities
  • How can we create environments in which people can be their authentic selves
  • How we can adapt our work and home environments for hidden disabilities

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The Augmented Society Network is an RSA US Thematic Network founded in 2019 by two RSA Fellows with a passion for humankind. The network meets to discuss the impact technology is having on society and will continue to have in the coming weeks, decades and centuries. To learn more about the Augmented Society Network, go to https://www.augmentedsociety.org/.

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