Beyond design thinking: using expansive thinking to solve complex problems

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Join RSA US for an important discussion on how to use expansive thinking to help solve the problems of our time. 

The problems facing business and indeed humanity are becoming even more intractable, intertwined, and complex. Our communities are screaming out for new solutions to help tackle these complex problems and mitigate their consequences. This calls for innovations in how we think about and respond to these problems. We need bold, new approaches that can be adopted by people, businesses, public organizations, NGOs and international bodies. 

In their new book, Expand: Stretching the Future by Design, Jens Martin Skibsted and Christian Bason make the case for what they call expansive thinking. Its central premise is that we should expand the scale of design thinking and the scope of human-centered design. If we’re serious about tackling the world’s thorniest problems—from climate change and resource scarcity to income inequality and the impact of AI—we won’t just need good design. Rather, we need to expand the very way we think as we seek to create solutions to our biggest challenges.

For this event,RSA US will be hosting a conversation with Jens Martin Skibsted and Christian Bason, authors of Expand: Stretching the Future of Design, exploring how we can use a more ambitious set of design principles to better respond to the challenges of our time. 

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