Emotional Culture Workshop

Fellowship Event

 -  | GMT Standard Time

Engine Shed, Bristol BS1 6QH

  • Mental health
  • Mindfulness
  • Health & wellbeing

Join us for this highly interactive, practical, insightful, and fun workshop where you will be introduced to The Emotional Culture Deck and use it to explore the power of emotions in driving how we feel, think and act and the impact this has on our ability to achieve, thrive, and stay well in our lives and work.

In this workshop you will:

  • define how you want to feel and not feel to be successful (whatever success means to you).
  • explore what those feelings drive in terms of your thoughts, behaviours, and actions.
  • identify the actions you can take to feel more of your desired feelings and better manage and cope when you feel your undesired feelings.
  • be introduced to The Emotional Culture Deck and explore how it can be used to enhance reflection, human to human connection, conversation, empathy and understanding.

The workshop will be facilitated by Steve Hargreaves a Leadership Coach and Mentor, Author, of ‘The Compassionate Leader’s Playbook’, and the Founder and Director of The Compassionate Leadership Company – a coaching, culture, and leadership development company which specialises in helping organisations and their leaders to inspire, build and sustain high performing, emotionally healthy, compassionate workplaces where everyone can thrive, achieve, and stay well. He is also only one of three certified specialist consultants in the use of the Emotional Culture Deck. Steve has been recognised as one of the Top 40 global organisational culture champions in 2022.

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