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RSA London meetup

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Long Gallery, RSA House, London, WC2N 6EZ

  • Fellowship

Come together at the RSA house with Fellows and friends for an informal opportunity to discuss ideas, share insights and discover new connections.

This networking event is free to attend and open to all those based in the London area who are interested in the work of the RSA, whether you’ve been before or are new to the group. Refreshments will be provided.

You will also have the chance to meet your new London Fellowship Councillors.

If you are looking to share a project, ask for feedback on an idea, or collaborate, there is the chance to take the floor and give a quick ‘shout out’ at 6.45pm. 

If you would like a slot, please complete the ‘shout out’ request when registering for your ticket. Please note that we can only offer a limited number of slots - this part of the evening will last no more than 10 minutes in total.

Taking part in RSA in-person events

We've been looking forward to finally being able to meet together in person, but of course recognise it is important for us to stay cautious and make the environment safe for everyone.

We’re asking all attendees of events to be respectful of personal space, to be mindful of others’ preferences in regard to social distancing and to respect those that are wearing face coverings.

To participate in the event, you will need to register for a ticket so we can make sure we have an up-to-date list of those who plan on attending. This is for capacity purposes.

We request that all attendees evaluate their own health and that of those they’re in close contact with. We encourage all attendees that are sick or showing symptoms of illness to stay home and to cancel your Eventbrite ticket if you are no longer able to join the event.

Given the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, please always check your latest national Government guidance in addition to following our baseline guidance enclosed here. If guidelines do change, the event may be cancelled at short notice.

If you have any questions, or to let us know of any access requirements or reasonable adjustments you require, please email: [email protected]

Upcoming London Fellowship events

  • RSA London young Fellows meetup

    At the House / Fellowship events

    The Steps in The Coffee House, RSA House, London, WC2N 6EZ

    If you're 18-25 years old, join us for an informal gathering to share ideas, discuss interests, and make connections with other young Fellows who live and/or work in London.

  • Can futures-thinking help reduce polarisation?

    Fellowship events

    The Steps in The Coffee House, RSA House, London, WC2N 6EZ

    Join us for an interactive session led by Fellows Esmee Wilcox (Socially Adept) and Servane Mouazan (Conscious Innovation), which looks at what we can do in our everyday lives about the phenomena of conflict and polarisation.